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Attract Wealth by Acknowledging That Scarcity and Lack Are Illusions

The more you focus upon "not having enough," the more your outer circumstances will reflect that perception back to you. The more you focus upon being wealthy, being joyful, being happy and comfortable and secure, the more your outer circumstances will reflect that perception back to you.

Attract Wealth With an Unshakable Belief That You Deserve to be Wealthy

Do you ever feel undeserving of wealth? Do you feel like other people probably deserve it more than you do? These feelings must be cleared before you can allow wealth into your life. You need to believe that you are just as deserving as everyone else. You need to believe that the universe will not hesitate to deliver wealth to you if you ask for it. The universe won't hold wealth back from you - only you can do that.

Attract Wealth by Surrendering to a Higher Wisdom

One of the most freeing moments of your life will come when you finally understand that you don't have to figure out how to become wealthy - the universe will show you step by step by step. You simply need to state your intention to be wealthy, then follow where you are led. Rarely will the journey unfold as you expect it to; more often than not you will be taken on a surprising, awesome, magnificent trip that far exceeds your expectations.

Attract Wealth by Relaxing and Trusting

Attracting wealth into your life does not require struggle. In fact, if you are struggling there is a good likelihood that you are blocking wealth rather than allowing it. To attract wealth, you simply need to RELAX and TRUST. Trust yourself to know the right steps to take; trust the universe to show you the most effective, quickest ways to achieve your goal, and trust that everything will unfold perfectly along the way.

Attract Wealth by Feeling Wealthy Now

The surest way to allow wealth into your life is to feel wealthy NOW. When you feel broke, when you feel incomplete, when you feel empty, when you feel as if you don't have "enough" you simply attract more situations that will make you feel that way. When you feel joyful, abundant, happy, lighthearted . . . and yes, WEALTHY - you cannot help but attract more situations that will make you feel that way, which includes plenty of money.

Attract Wealth by Harnessing the Potential of This Moment

It does not matter how difficult things have been for you in the past. It does not matter how difficult they may be still. Each moment provides a fresh new opportunity to focus on wealth, attune to the essence of wealth and BE wealthy now. Doing this once is powerful, but doing it consistently day after day is empowering, inspiring and life-changing.

Attract Wealth by Learning From Your Mistakes

So you've attracted some negative circumstances? You've created problems and obstacles and challenges and you feel like kicking yourself for making such a mess? Don't beat yourself up - embrace yourself and acknowledge that you could have done better. Everyone makes mistakes - but true wisdom comes from learning from them and trying again. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the better you get at attracting wealth and anything else you desire into your life.

Attract Wealth by Taking Full Responsibility for Your Life

No matter who or what seems to be influential in your life, everything you experience begins with your own thoughts. It may be difficult to believe that you would create unpleasant circumstances, but it's usually not done purposely. Imagine a water faucet opened wide so that a constant gush of water flows out and runs wherever gravity may take it. That is similar to an undisciplined mind with thoughts flowing randomly. Now imagine that a hose was connected to that water faucet and the person holding the hose may direct the water exactly where they want it to go. That is like the mind of a "deliberate creator" who understands the importance of directing their thoughts to where they can be most beneficial.

When you really understand how powerful your thoughts are, you begin to grasp the importance of guarding them and directing them very deliberately, which can inspire many wonderful changes in your life - including wealth.

"Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought."
Napolean Hill