Vierzehn Grundgesetze der Selbstentfaltung!

Fourteen Basic Laws of Self-Fulfillment

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Dann ist es eine gute Übung, wenn Sie sich bemühen, die folgenden vierzehn Prinzipien zuerst in dieser Sprache zu verstehen.
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1. Man is the only animal capable of consciously thinking, planing and creating.
He alone can control himself and thus his future and his fate.

2. Every deed starts with an idea.
Only what has been thought exists.

3. Thoughts evolve in the subconscious, engendered by the thinker himself or outside stimuli.

4. It is the tendency of the subconcious - the construction site of life and workroom of the soul - to realise any thought.

5. The merest mental spark can turn into a blazing fire!

6. What should grow must be fed.
Concentration feeds thought.

7. Conscious and unconscious concentration is the compression of vital energy

8. In the conflict between emotion and intellect, emotion always wins.

9. Feelings control and reinforce concentration unconsciously, but intensly.

10. By means of a deliberate decision, one's attention can be focussed on any chosen point.

11. Attention brings intensification.
Disregard brings liberation.

12. Assent activates energies.
Rejection destroys vital energy.

13. Constant repetition of an idea becomes belief, then conviction -
for better or for worse.

14. Faith leads to action.
Concentration leads to success.
Repetition leads to mastery.